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  • Whiter teeth in 20 minutes!

  • NO pain!

  • Enamel Safe!

  • Affordable - $99 - $149!

85% of people say a smile is the first thing they notice!


1. The whitening gel: it's specifically formulated to deliver the maximum whitening results in the shortest amount of time.

2. Our Applia-Brush™ paint-on technique: it's the easy-to-use gel-filled applicator that allows the technician to quickly and effectively apply the whitening gel to the client's teeth to be whitened.

3. The cool, LED Infinity™ Pro SL Light: the light, which is correctly tuned to the optimal wavelength, and which has the highest energy output of any light, accelerates the whitening process by activating the photosensitive whitening gel.

teeth whitening
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