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Please follow the instructions below to schedule your appointment.

Do NOT schedule an appointment if you've had a dental visit in the past 2 weeks or if you're pregnant.

If we're having a sale, you will automatically receive sale prices even though below (and your confirmation) will have regular prices listed.

Choose "New Client - Single Session" below IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN BEFORE. This session is $99.

Choose "Prior Client - Single Session" below IF YOU HAVE BEEN BEFORE, but your kit has EXPIRED (check date on top of box), and you need a new kit. This session is $99. 

Choose the "$50 Follow Up Session" below if you have had a session in the past, and you still have an unexpired kit. Be sure and bring your kit back with you to get this price! 

Choose "Annual Plan Client" below if you purchased the yearly plan for $468 ($39 each for 12 Single Sessions in a calendar year), and you won't be charged for this visit. Be sure and bring your kit back with you each time until your gel pen either expires or is completely used up.

We recommend splitting a 
Double Session into two separate appointments (same price) due to an increased risk of sensitivity; however, many clients have no issues with back to back sessions at the same appointment - it's up to you! If you would like to upgrade to a Double Session that same day during your New Client or Prior Client Single Session appointment for an additional $50.00 ($149 total), FIRST - BOOK A SINGLE SESSION, then please call us at 850-877-6453 or click below with your NAME and APPOINTMENT DATE and TIME to email us. We will do our best to accommodate Double Sessions. Please be CERTAIN you want a Double Session before asking us to block off additional time for your appointment as we will lose time and money if you change your mind once you arrive. Thank you for helping us be as efficient as possible for all clients. 

Please make sure you proceed through ALL of the steps for the online booking process. On the last step, you will click "Book It." You will receive a confirmation email and see a confirmation screen after booking. If you don't see the screen AND receive the email confirmation, then you are NOT booked. 

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