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About Us

Hi!  I'm Majesty! My husband, Kendall, and I got into this business unexpectedly. I actually have a Master's Degree from FSU in Educational Measurement and Statistics, and I've been a psychometrician for over 25 years in Tallahassee. My husband is a CPA, and he's the Tax Director at Mainline Information Systems. When our oldest son was getting married, he and his fiancee wanted to have their teeth whitened for their engagement photo shoot. I searched all over Tallahassee and Gainesville (where our son was attending UF) for an affordable teeth whitening location, but I was unsuccessful. Some dentists' offices offered Zoom whitening for $450 - $800, and you also had to be a patient there or pay an additional $125 to become a patient. I also heard that  Zoom could be quite painful! I started researching other possibilities and came across the SmileLABS products. I was SO impressed with the online reviews and results people were getting! Kendall and I researched it more and realized this process and these products offered the SAME results you get at a dentist's office with very little or no pain and MUCH less money! I decided to stop analyzing statistics and open up a cosmetic teeth whitening salon!  (Kendall had to keep his job!) :) I am not a dentist, and this is not considered a dental procedure. It's a cosmetic procedure, and I have been extensively trained about the products and their application. I am excited to bring this service to the Tallahassee community and surrounding areas! Please come visit us at Tallahassee SmileLABS Teeth Whitening and see how much brighter YOUR smile can be in only 20 minutes!

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