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We are conveniently located near your home or business!

We provide the best in-office teeth whitening treatments available. Our promise is that our office and equipment is spotlessly clean, staffed by pleasant, knowledgeable Team Members who use only the most cutting-edge Teeth Whitening Products.

The Infinity™ Pro SL Whitening

Accelerator Light 

Professional whitening is best performed with light technology. Light technology is referred to as photo-polymerization and was first approved by the FDA for teeth whitening in 1996. The Infinity™ Pro SL is an LED lamp that uses a cold blue light tuned to a wavelength of 480-500 nanometers. The light technology system works by accelerating the chemical reaction, rapidly speeding up the treatment time. During a treatment, the accelerator light is placed directly in front of the client's open mouth for 20 minutes. The Infinity™ Pro SL uses the perfect wavelength of light and is designed to accelerate the whitening process of our teeth whitening gel.



Applia-Brush™ and Teeth Whitening Gel 


The procedure is very simple. First, clients place a cheek retractor in their mouth. Second, using our new, patented Applia-Brush™ gel applicator, the technician easily brushes the photosensitive whitening gel onto the outer surfaces of the client's teeth. This means the gel is only applied to the teeth and not to the gums, which avoids teeth sensitivity and gum irritation. Our teeth whitening gel utilizes peroxide-based chemistry. The teeth whitening gel is 16% hydrogen peroxide in a viscous, water-based, food-grade gel. This means that the whitening gel hydrates the teeth throughout the whitening procedure. Hydration of the teeth is important because that is what prevents sensitivity.

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Facts and Myths

Potential teeth whitening clients want to know: What system produces the whitest smile for the money? How much will that great smile cost? How much time will it take? And, how much of a hassle is it? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate teeth whiteners, so, where does this leave the consumer? The consumer is left somewhat puzzled and downright confused. Most people hesitate or hold off on pursuing their beautiful white smile due to the worry of wasting time and money.

The science behind teeth whitening: 
We use peroxide-based chemistry. Peroxide compounds are able to whiten teeth through a process called oxidation. Peroxide has the ability to slightly penetrate the inner part of the enamel. Within only a few minutes after application, peroxide penetrates where there are complex organic molecules within the tooth that reflect a specific wavelength of light. These molecules are responsible for the color of the tooth. 

It has been shown that by releasing free radicals, peroxide has the ability to oxidize the color-producing organic compounds found within the enamel's organic make-up. When these organic compounds are oxidized, the resulting oxidized molecules reflect a different wavelength of light. They are now a different color, which is perceived as whiter teeth!

The types of peroxide:
The two types of peroxide compounds are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Take home, over-the-counter whitening systems use carbamide peroxide. In-office whitening that uses an accelerator light should use only hydrogen peroxide, because carbamide peroxide does not react to light energy. We use only hydrogen peroxide for our chairside, light-assisted whitening procedure.

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